1 σε απόθεμα

1 σε απόθεμα

Καλύτερη τιμή τελευταίων 30 ημερών:

You’re the leader of a great nation which is currently expanding.

Over the course of the seven decades covered by the game, you will have to invest in infrastructures and industries, provide your country with energy and finance the mercurial forces of research in order to remain competitive. But prosperity has a price.

You owe it to future generations to leave them a healthy world. Pollution lurks, but will you be able to limit it?

Players will score prosperity points on a regular basis throughout the game, and, at the end, the player with the most points will be the winner.

Ένα επιτραπέζιο παιχνίδι για 2-4 παίκτες, ηλικίας 13+. Μέση διάρκεια 60′.

Το επιτραπέζιο είναι στα Αγγλικά.